Got my iPod

I finally broke down this weekend and bought an iPod. For me it’s more of a backup device than a ‘carry around,’ I still appreciate the simple nature of the product. One friend who hasn’t been in San Francisco for a year or so commented on how it seemed that iPod use on the Muni has simply exploded.

My question is what does it mean when most people would prefer to be in their own musical world when they’re out in public? (Or else they’re having poor quality cell phone conversations).

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  • rapha  On July 11, 2005 at 8:57 pm

    It’s amazing. Cell phones and I pods. There is no community. I see the elderly staggering around the Outer Richmond district in San Francsico seeking someone, anyone, to talk to , to confer with, to make sure there still is a world out ther beyond television and media created realitites. Nothing could be more annoying than sitting down at a cafe to read and sip tea, possibly engage in a conversation with another intellectual mind, and instead you get LA clones, smoking and drinking quickly, and carrying on the loudest, most obnoxious cell phone conversation an arm’s distance away. I am determined to be the last first world citizen without a cell phone, tatoo, or I pod. So far, so good.

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