Arthur – July 2005 – Out now!

Yes, another issue of Arthur is now set loose in the world.

Good interview with Brian Eno, with sample questions like this: “What seemed desperately important to you as a young man that no longer seems quite so pressing?” and “What’s the last thing you learned?”. Here’s a tidbit of Eno:

I believe that if you believe in destiny it will make a difference in what happens to you. Some people think ‘I am chosen and I’m a favored person,’ and that gives them a confidence that has the effect of making them chosen. The reverse happens as well. Some people consider themselves cursed and believe that nothing will ever go right for them, and of course, nothing does.

Also included, another interesting column from Daniel Pinchbeck (author of Breaking Open the Head), on the coming changes. He starts off mentioning Kunstler’s book The Long Emergency, but takes a different twist into conjectures on the possibility of a short emergency followed by a real change in consciousness. There’s brief mention of the Global Consciousness Project, Dean Radin’s book The Conscious Universe, and more…

In our current understanding of psychic phenomena, we may be in a similar place as the West was in the 1750s in regards to electricity – the scientists of the time had noticed lightning and static shocks, but had no conception of how to convert this energy into a transformative force for their world.

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