Gang of Four @ The Fillmore, 2-May-2005

The long-awaited return of the original Gang of Four kicked off their US tour tonight in San Francisco after playing the Coachella Festival. And a fine return it was!

The set included virtually all of entertainment! (particularly strong versions of “Natural’s not in it” “At home he’s a tourist” “Damaged goods” and “I found that essence rare”), along with “Paralysed” “To hell with poverty” “we live as we dream alone” and “I love a man in uniform”. Hugo Burnham is one solid drummer! While of course they all show some age, they were active, Jon King and Dave Allen running about the stage.

All this proves what might have seemed unlikely 25 years ago, but that first record is completely solid, a true classic.

I should add that openers Menomena and Radio 4 both gave up solid performances, adding up to a very good night of music.

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  • tim rosa  On May 4, 2005 at 6:54 pm

    yes indeed, i waited my whole life to see that show and they didn’t let down. as a young sprite in detroilet i heard damaged goods on david wisdom’s new wave readio show broadcast from canada and couldn’t believe what i was hearing, feeling. in high school i preached them. in college i understood them. in the radio moment i fought for the homage to them. last night, i finally experienced the assault from them.

    long live gang of four….

  • dave g  On May 20, 2005 at 3:59 pm

    I caught them in Toronto last Sat and was completely blown away….I must admit I was a little tentative about a renuion tour thinking it was a quick cash-in but i was terribly wrong. Having seen them 25 years ago, i was expecting them to show their ages. But these guys kicked ass by putting their all into every song … to hell with poverty, call me up, at home he thinks he’s a tourist, he’d send in the army …in which jon methodically beat a microwave with a baseball bat! The crowd was full of true fans ( new and old alike) and would not let them off the stage until they did a third encore. A classic show and really expemplifies how dedicated and ahead of their time these guys are..musically, politcally, artistically. They are true to their original ideals of challenging the status quo, through their provocative music and lyrics. Younger bands heed…. this is true rebel music.

  • Administrator  On May 20, 2005 at 6:00 pm

    Thanks for the additional reports! Sounds like they are kicking out the jams on this tour!

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