Sunday in the City

Today I made it over to Nob Hill, to see the Universe Within exhibit at the Masonic building on California St. The exhibit features ‘plasticine’ bodies, apparently sent over from China, that have been sliced and carved up in various ways to show the internal systems of the body. So you see the musculature, the circulatory systems, the spinal cord, etc. These bodies are posed in some funny ways, including one on a bicycle, and another throwing a ball. From what I could see, there were plenty of doctors and medical folks there, who knew their anatomy, along with families and many other folks. Strange and interesting, especially as you look at the other people, imagining their internal systems humming away.

Then wandered down the hill to a favorite spot, Kayo Books, on Post St. While I was there they got a call from John Waters (yes, that John Waters) looking for a particular sleaze title.

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