Saying Yes – Jacob Sullum (2003)

Jacob Sullum’s book Saying Yes (subtitled In Defense of Drug Use), is a useful history of anti-drug propaganda and misconception. He presents a compelling case that whichever drug is currently being demonized seems to take on the characteristics of whatever activities the young of the time are doing that threaten the older folk. While we mostly think we know a bit better these days about the actual effects of marijuana and tobacco, the current ‘poster child’ of super-addictive, life-destroying drugs is methamphetamine.

As Sullum writes:

Since heroin was perceived as the chief drug menace in the 1970s, crack could be described as the heroin of the eighties. Then methamphetamine was the crack of the nineties, and it looked like heroin could become the meth of the next decade.

The circle goes around and around, and we don’t seem to be getting anywhere…

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