Gang of Four are back!

Welcome to the 100th post of Infotainment, and good news it is!

The New York Times reports today in "After Postpunk? Post-Postpunk by the Gang of Four" (by Jon Pareles) that the Gang of Four original members have re-united, and are going to be playing shows in the US this year.  The Gang of Four started breaking apart in 1981, first losing bassist Dave Allen then drummer Hugo Burnham.

I saw the original band a couple times, back in 80-81.  The first show I saw them at, and probably one of their earliest in America, was at Rutgers College in New Jersey, in I believe December 1980.  It was a snowy night, and I drove down with a couple friends.  I have to say this was one of the most intense barrages of sound I’d ever heard at that time.   I had eyed their first record at the store a few times before buying (though their record wasn’t quite as scary-looking as The Fall’s Live at the Witch Trials), and could see they were in their own league.

The next summer I saw them at the Ritz in NYC, and my memory of that show was that it was good but didn’t blow me away like the earlier one (note that the opener at the Ritz show was R.E.M.!).

In the article,  Mr. Allen is quoted:

"The goal is to be as incredibly intense as we were the first time around.  What we have to do is leave them with their tongues hanging out again.  If not, we don’t retain our authority in the musical canon.  There’s no excuse that we’re 23 years older."   


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